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We’re dedicated to crafting experiences that empower you to break free from negative patterns, unleash your potential, and embrace life with clarity and self-love.

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Discover the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic State

Science plays a pivotal role in understanding stress and relaxation, providing reliable, evidence-based insights.

Delve into the roles of the sympathetic and parasympathetic states and how they influence your overall well-being.

The sympathetic state encompasses flight, fight, freeze, or fawn responses.

Contrastingly, the parasympathetic state is characterized by rest and digestion functions, bringing us to homeostasis, where healing can occur, the beginning of disrupting our negative patterns, and the beginning of sustainable change.


Breaking Negative Patterns

Most individuals in our society often find themselves entrenched in a sympathetic state due to their habitual behaviors and lifestyle choices. 

This state of being akin to autopilot can elevate cortisol levels, triggering a cascade of negative feedback loops within our brains. Consequently, these loops perpetuate unproductive patterns, exacerbating health concerns such as heightened anxiety, depression, digestive ailments, hypertension, and numerous others.

What strategies can we employ to interrupt these detrimental feedback loops in our brains, breaking free from negative patterns and habits?

The Visionary Behind Sirrine Yoga

Hi, I’m Teresa Porter, the heart and soul behind Sirrine Yoga, a sanctuary born from my own quest for healing and self-discovery. As a devoted wife, mother of three, and a relentless seeker of answers, I’ve crafted Sirrine Yoga as a haven for those ready to embark on a transformative journey.

At Sirrine Yoga, we believe in asking the tough questions, delving deep into the “whys,” and embracing curiosity as the gateway to growth. 

My personal evolution through running a successful massage practice of 24 years, teaching yoga, and integrating emotional release work has fueled my passion for helping others shed the burdens of trauma and stress.

With over two decades of experience, I’ve developed The Porter Method—a revolutionary approach to disrupting negative patterns and fostering holistic well-being, which I bring into all my experiences. Sirrine Yoga isn’t just a studio—it’s a Movement for Mindfulness dedicated to reawakening society to the power of presence and self-awareness. With awareness and given the right environment, tools, and practices create opportunities for change.

Teresa Porter, The Visionary Behind Sirrine Yoga

Transform Your Workplace

For organizations seeking a mindful shift, explore our tailored experiences to elevate team well-being and productivity.

Mindfulness Yoga for Corporations

Elevate your workforce with our program to reduce stress and enhance creativity. Learn more here

Grief Relief Retreats

Find solace and support in our transformative retreats, designed to navigate loss and emerge with strength. Learn more here

Here From Shawn Pearson, Zion's Institute

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Emotional Release Sessions: Embark on a journey of self-discovery and emotional healing. Learn more about Emotional Release Sessions

Rudi Riekstins

Teresa brings a robust, holistic approach to living your best life. Breathe work, yoga, massage, and Emotion Code are necessary steps in moving the energy that can get trapped within the body. We all know that trapped emotion/energy within the body is the cause of disease. Working with Teresa is the gateway to freedom. – Rudi Riekstins


Grief Relief Retreats: Find solace and support to navigate loss and emerge with renewed strength. Learn more about Grief Relief Retreats

Grief is a whole-body experience. And I was living it every day. My body needed a reset and relief. My mind needed an additional perspective. And my soul needed a way to honor my brother Brock. I’m so thankful I came to the grief relief retreat. Adara, the horse and human healers, taught me and loved on me. Thank you all for this beautiful experience!” -Kayleigh R

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