Stop living a pattern.

Live your life instead.

Break free from the same negative patterns of shame, fear, unworthiness. Learn tools to find your inner voice and feel fully aligned so that you can rewrite your own prescription for life!

Leave a legacy of which you can be proud.

Do you ever wonder

“Am I good enough?

Am I deserving?”

How often do these thoughts consume you, affect your confidence, and keep you from trying something new?

These questions dominated my life as a mom, a wife, and a business owner. I tried to excel at everything, which left me feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and not good enough or deserving of success. I discovered that when I sought out external approval, validation, and praise, it left me wondering:

Am I good enough? Am I deserving? I asked if it, and frankly if I, were good enough.

Modern society insists that we seek approval, validation, and praise from the external rather than the internal. Over the years, I let the approval of others dictate my level of confidence and equated my business success as a measure of my happiness and worth. 

As a working therapist massage since 1999, I have heard personal accounts that have made me laugh, cry, and render me speechless. I realized that so many, including myself, are terrified to let go of the facades or masks we wear because of modern societal expectations. Because of this, it can leave us feeling stuck, empty, lost, and on autopilot. We all have challenges and obstacles we are trying to overcome. But, unfortunately, these challenges get in the way of the life we want, the one we deserve. If this is the case, why is it so hard to attain? 

I have observed that most of my clients, especially women, have an apparent lack of self-care, specifically in how they address their own needs, seeing them as selfish, feeling guilty even verbalizing those needs. These unattended needs can lead to diseases, dysfunction, and chronic pain in their bodies. I recognized that the same negative patterns my clients struggled with, I saw within myself.

Teresa With Kids

The moment I knew things needed to change was in the summer of 2007.

The saying, when it rains, it pours“, is an understatement when describing one of the most challenging times in my life. I discovered I was pregnant with our third child (unplanned but elated), and my husband was laid off from his lucrative corporate position (our primary source of income). In the following months, we lost our house to foreclosure, a car to repossession, subsisted off my husband’s 401k and credit cards and had to file for bankruptcy. For several months we relied on food stamps and government health care. Once the material objects got stripped away, I realized the possessions, the proverbial house with the white picket fence, did not define me. This time forced me to focus internally and find the strength to get through that difficult time and face the patterns by which I lived.

Despite all of the heightened emotions I felt, I needed to start listening to what my heart and gut were telling me. I realized I needed to make time for stillness. I had to be proactive about my future in thought, intention, and the language I used when speaking to my husband, children, and peers.  

The first step in listening to my intuition was that I invested in a self-help program that cost $1,000.00 US, which my husband had difficulty supporting because of our dire financial situation. Over the 20 week course, I became conscious of my thoughts and self-talk. I surrounded myself with like-minded people. I continuously listened to audiobooks to learn more in-depth about the power of the subconscious. I started a daily gratitude practice. I made a vision board reminding me of my goals. I knew that I had to rise above my current situation and positively carry myself, not only for me but for my daughters who looked up to me.  

By implementing what I had learned, I started to see change within me which, in turn, started making positive shifts in my business and my relationships. The stresses of this time began to dissipate. My husband and I began to talk about our future positively and optimistically. My husband, witnessing these significant changes within me, applied them in his life and was able to find fulfilling employment. 

In losing nearly everything, I realized how much of my life was lived on autopilot. There is power in becoming conscious of the way we live our lives and why. And although I found my mantra, my life has not been a series of accomplishments and successes.  Along the way, I struggled with chronic pain, self-doubt, depression, and anxiety. At times, I became exhausted and began losing myself again. I recognized a familiar pattern emerging. When these negative recurring patterns occur, we need to take the time to look at ourselves as a whole.

So, why don’t we?

 We are scared of slowing down and stopping to reflect on what is working and what is not, in how we may have been wasting our lives and time. That fear leads to not being in tune with what you need and desire. All of that gets pushed aside to “someday”. And instead, certain parts of you (the most important parts) become numb and empty inside. Autopilot becomes the path of least resistance; however, it prevents you from living optimal lives. Being stuck in the cycle of being “busy” does not serve us. 

I used to think I did not have time to be still, meditate, or make appointments for self-care because I was too busy. I knew I had to pay attention to the warnings my body was giving before I shut down and did not have anything left to give. By learning to slow down and quieting our minds, we can reflect inwardly and listen to what our bodies, hearts, and souls are saying. Once we have heard the message, we have to have the courage to act. 

After seeing these life patterns within myself and my clients, I felt very inspired to design a formula that could remove the noise in our lives. This formula, my antidote, is called “The Porter Method“. This new methodology utilizes emotional release techniques, integrating physical movement with inner peace work. The variables of my formula require you to learn how to release your subconscious blocks, align with your authentic self, and give you the tools to reset and create a life by design.

Inner Work v2

I use The Porter Method in my 6 month Unplugged Program, which is done in a

5 step process.

1| Release subconscious blocks

Working in the fitness and wellness industry, I found that when people are stuck at a plateau with their fitness, health, and relationships, most of the time, it stems from emotional baggage. In this twenty week program, you’ll go through different practices to help you start identifying where your blocks are. Once you’ve started recognizing the trapped emotions, this is where you will use the emotion code sessions to help finally release those blocks and trapped emotions. 

    • Emotion Code-Within these sessions, we can work on the issues that you feel are holding you back like past trauma, current problems such as depression, self-sabotage, commitment, lack of motivation, negative self-talk, etc.
    • Movement session– The body also needs healthy movement to release trapped emotions and get our energy flowing, which helps us reconnect with ourselves.

2| The art of being present

Empowerment comes through self-awareness. You will learn techniques that will help you learn to be present in your body so that you can listen to your mind and body needs before you are worn out and depleted. These practices will also help you win back your day so that you become more productive and create the life you desire on a daily/weekly basis.

3| Power of the subconscious

Become aware of your self-talk and self-sabotage, learn to change with “I am” statements and affirmations. When we open up our minds to new ways of healing, we can begin to let go of what isn’t serving us. However, we can’t always see what is in our subconscious mind that keeps us stuck on our plateaus. This is where an expert can help you find those mental blocks and give you the tools you need to move past them.

4| Establish a self-love routine

You will learn how to check in with yourself daily and assess from the check-in how to fulfill your needs, how to rebuild a new, healthy relationship with yourself to help eliminate the negative self-talk and self-sabotage. From this and other practices, you will create a plan to nourish your mental, emotional, and physical well being.

5| Implementation

You will learn how to pull it all together and implement a practice that will work for YOU!

What to expect when you join

You will have weekly coaching calls so that you can:  

  • Learn how to use yoga to help release trapped emotions and help with range of motion, flexibility, and strength. 
  • Look for and identify the good in your life, regardless of any outside circumstances out of your control. 
  • Be able to identify the negative patterns of interactions within yourself and with those around you. 
  • Dive deep into the topics in modules that will give you tools to change your mindset and create sustainable change.
  • Start and cultivate a meditation practice.
  • Have a community that will support you on your journey.


  • You will have guidance in meditations to help release subconscious blocks, trapped emotions and open your chakras. 
  • You will learn tools to check-in and connect with yourself daily, connect with your soul, build confidence and learn how to communicate your needs in a healthy matter to create a self-love routine to support your emotional, mental, and physical needs. 
  • There will be a Q & A
  • And Teresa invites guest speakers throughout the 20 weeks to talk about topics that will aid your overall health. Past topics have included Western vs. Eastern medicine, conscious parenting, how to balance your hormones naturally, how to balance your chakras, and more.


  • Four Emotion Code Sessions – This is a form of an emotional release technique
  • Lifetime Access to Sirrine Yoga Online Giving you monthly videos you can use as a workout, reset, or rehab. Webinars that will teach you how to use yoga as a tool belt of solutions to help with anxiety, flexibility, digestion, sleep and so much more.
  • Lifetime Access to Unplugged Coaching Modules
  • Access to my email and IM for questions between group calls
  • Access to interact with the clients who have already gone through the program for added support.
  • Discounted Emotion Code sessions
  • Access to private Unplugged Facebook group with accountability and motivational messages.

    What Others Said About Their  Experience


    “Imagine looking in a mirror and being in love with the reflection you see!” Raquel

    Before the unplugged program I felt stuck, I felt numb, afraid, indecisive, insecure, shame, guilt, isolated, broken, and lost. I knew I needed some things to change. I felt like I was doing the best I could with an empty tank, I was reaching for tools from an empty toolbox, every morning I would wake up with my heart racing, I felt anxious, guilty, and powerless. I had no self-expression. I didn’t know what I liked, at the same time I didn’t know what I didn’t like either. I couldn’t tell my loved ones what I needed or wanted because I myself didn’t know. I was going through life as a robot did what I needed to do but had no emotions. I was numb, I had no feelings, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. When I had to do some yoga exercises and I was asked to tap on my face, I couldn’t physically feel my own hand tapping on my face, I could see it happening but I couldn’t physically feel it. It was like I was paralyzed although I had movement.

    Just before The Unplugged Program, I started going to a support group about some childhood trauma that had come up, at that point I didn’t know I had childhood trauma, but with others sharing in my group about their experiences strengths, and hopes it gave me just enough to know I belonged in that support group. When Teresa reached out to me about her Unplugged Program and I have known Teresa for over 15 years, I thought this sounds like a good idea for someone else, I’m not sure it could be for me. Instead of saying no or yes, I ask for a few days to think about it. I knew I needed to do something different and I trusted Teresa and her share about her why made it enough for me to participate in the unplugged program.

    The program didn’t start off well with me, I was having website issues and I couldn’t get into any of the modules. I felt frustrated, alone, and afraid. We had already done a group zoom call and I was able to get other participants’ numbers. At that moment I was too scared to ask for help or check to see if others had issues connecting. I gathered enough courage to reach out to my group and tell them what I was experiencing and guess what I wasn’t alone. At the beginning of the Unplugged Program, we did an exercise of your dream list. Then we journaled on our own and journal dumped and did gratitude lists. We worked on comfort crunching challenges which are still hard for me, but I did some of them. I really was taken aback by the Emotion code sessions. I loved the 5 to thrive exercise. I loved the affirmations and weekly check-ins.

    This program allowed me to discover the hidden gems I have within myself, helped me release, realign and reset physically, mentally, and emotionally. I was able to learn about myself, what I liked and what I didn’t like. I learned to look in the mirror and love the reflection I see. I found my voice, I am establishing honest, loving relationships with people around me and an intimate loving relationship with myself. I have created my designated hour in the mornings to care for myself. I am courageous, I can stand in my power, I love the life I’m creating for myself in the present. I can finally feel again when my trapped emotions were released in the Emotion Code sessions.  I can use the tools I gained in the program to digest the feelings enough to release and let go. I don’t have to dwell on them as long or shove them back deep down. I can talk to people about my feelings or journal.

    As I finished up the Unplugged Program, I can sum it up with the BEST gift I gave myself.

    Thank you Teresa for your commitment, dedication, honesty, and love for yourself and others.
    Thank you!

    With love ,

    Raquel Thomas

    Become a pro at showing up for yourself first

    Hello, my name is Corvanda. Before I started the Unplugged program with Teresa, I was going thru a difficult time in my life. When Teresa offered this program to me I knew I needed to start fresh and focus on ME. Finding time for myself wasn’t always easy.

    The exercises help me to make time for myself. How to organize my time wisely. Where to put my focus. How to take steps towards what I want for myself and who I want to be.

    One of my favorite exercises was the “5 to thrive”. 1. The power hour (movement, meditation, journaling). 2. Get sunshine daily 3. Get enough sleep 4. Drink enough water daily 5. Make a plan of action. This has helped me start my days focused and centered. Ready to take on my day and taking it one day at a time.

    This whole experience has inspired me to keep moving forward no matter what. Focusing on the now and what matters most. Being present with those special people in your life. I meant some amazing women in this program and I hope to stay in touch. I highly recommend Teresa’s program. She has inspired me in so many ways.



    “I feel like I have reached & released emotions that were so deep inside of me” Amari




    I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Teresa’s Unplugged Coaching Program. It’s pushed me to pursue things that up until now I’ve really only thought about doing like learning how to do reiki. I have also learned a lot about myself throughout the entire process and really delved into my feelings, my desires and dreams as well as my needs. There were many key things throughout the course that helped me to recognize negative patterns and replace them with positive ones. I have to stress that learning to focus on myself and my needs in a healthy way has been monumental for me.

    I also can’t say enough about the emotion code and how much that has helped me. I feel like I have reached & released emotions that were so deep inside of me that I wasn’t even aware that they were there. I’m getting to the actual deep down core of what was causing my condition. As scary and painful (both mentally and physically) as that may be, I know that it’s necessary and I’m prepared to do the work. I know that this entered my life at this precise time because I was ready for it. It’s certainly not for the weak. It’s hard work yet it’s still easier than a lot of the things that I have tried. The sheer joy & lightness that I’ve felt after a session cannot be explained. If this is something you’re considering then there’s a reason and you should investigate that. I’m so grateful for this experience. I couldn’t have imagined results like this.


    Devyn’s Testimonial Pic

    Meet Devyn

    I can’t even begin to explain all that The Porter Method and Emotion Code sessions have done for me in Teresa’s Unplugged Program. How it helped with my multiple sclerosis and mental stability has been life-changing. My daily pain symptoms of MS went down from 7 to 2, and I was able to go off my pain meds that I was taking to fall asleep. 

    From the very first emotion code session, we were able to deep dive into my fear of abandonment from childhood trauma. I began to notice this unknown fear when I started dating my husband. I always asked him if he was sure I was the one and if he wasn’t going to leave me. This extreme anxiety started to affect all aspects of my life when I turned to Teresa Porter, who had previously been my yoga instructor and massage therapist. I asked if this Unplugged Program was a type of therapy, and she informed me it essentially was, and the rest is history.

    After that first session, I immediately saw a change in how I interacted with my husband. It felt good learning about where my feelings were coming from and how they connected to my past, and Teresa was with me through the entire emotional process.

    One of the many beautiful things that have come from releasing emotions and learning how to deal with my current daily dramas is rebuilding a relationship with my biological mother. We have been very distant for most of my life, and there was a lot of hate surrounding our lives. 

    Being in this program opened my eyes to how toxic life can be when we are not facing our fears and the traumas of life, and I learned that I have the power to move forward. I believed things were the way they were, and nobody could change that… now I can.

    Through the Porter Method with Teresa, I learned how to interpret how I am feeling and the best way to handle and deescalate any situation I am in. I am in a much better place than when I started this program. My multiple sclerosis only flares up when situations I can’t control, but those have been minimal, and I am so grateful for all I have learned. 

    Cary Testimonial Pix

    Meet Tara

    Before joining the Unplugged program I was feeling stuck in wanting to do something more, something meaningful and fulfilling for me, but not knowing what I wanted to do, I was feeling anxious often and realized I was not prioritizing the self-care that would allow me to discover myself. I signed up to see if doing this program would help me work through some of these struggles and discover which direction I should go, and it’s working! The key things that have helped me are the 5 to Thrive, future self exercises, and yoga meditation releases. I have also received recommendations for books and healthcare ideas that have been beneficial for me and my family. Because it is a group coaching environment, I feel like I have a tribe to connect with and we encourage each other in our various pursuits. I now have the courage and confidence I need to take the next step toward my future self!!


    "Teresa's Unplugged Program was the missing piece I was looking for." Deana

    What Other's Are Saying About Teresa




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