The Emotion Code™

The energy of past emotions can literally become trapped in your body, affecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

How does the Emotion Code work?

The Emotion Code is a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, and it works by literally getting rid of emotional baggage. Using muscle testing, we quickly identify and release hidden trapped emotions, which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events.

What is emotion code healing?

The Emotion Code is the simplest way to get rid of your emotional baggage, helping you feel freer, happier and healthier! … Dr. Nelson coined the phrase “trapped emotions” – negative energies that become trapped in the body during intense emotional events.

What is a trapped emotion?

Trapped emotions are the root cause of emotional blocks. Trapped emotions are negative feelings that get stuck inside of you as a result of you feeling an intense emotion. They can become trapped during a traumatic or emotionally difficult situation.

This journey we call life has been a roller coaster with highs and lows and wondering at times how I was going to get out of the lows. I have struggled with chronic pain, self-doubt, confidence, depression, anxiety, anger, motivation, worthiness, marital issues, family members with addictions, giving so much to others and work that I am so exhausted on all levels and don’t know who I am anymore or what I enjoy in life.

When you have taken some hard blows, how do you get back up to try again and still have the motivation to keep working on your relationships and goals?

How do you have that excitement for life again?

Hi, my name is Teresa Porter!

I am a dedicated wife, mother of three, and a business owner who is turning my dreams into reality. In spite of everything I listed above, I can now honestly say I LOVE my life! My husband and I just celebrated our 22nd  wedding anniversary. I am very grateful to have had my best friend by my side all these years and for his love, support, and for being Mr. Dad while I have built my business. I wouldn’t be who I am without him!

Being in the wellness industry for 20 years, I have been exposed to many types of methods and modalities that can help overall health. I tried several to be proactive through the hard times in my life, which helped me navigate through the roadblocks with a little less pain, more clarity, and motivation to keep going. Some of the treatments I tried were just a stepping stone to the next clue. When I was struggling with specific issues, I felt like I couldn’t shake some of the emotions, and I knew it was keeping me from moving forward. I tried talk therapy, hard workouts, and several other things that offered temporary relief.


I started seeing a practitioner who did several emotional release techniques, including The Emotion Code. I was amazed by how quick and efficient it was and how much she would release within a 60-minute session. She helped me release my physical pain, deep sadness, and hurt connected to my immediate family, and helped me to know how to move forward to make my marriage better, and so much more. The more I continued to work with my clients the more I realized how much of their physical pain is linked to their trapped emotions. I knew it was time to learn The Emotion Code! I have since been getting great results for my clients who are open to it.

Through all of this, I have learned that our bodies will give us clues with symptoms of physical pain or emotions that keep coming up, but we don’t take the time to look at ourselves as a whole. In the society we live in, we are always on the go or have to be/look “busy.” It is in the times we learn to slow down, to be quiet, that we will receive insights and inspiration for what we need! I have also learned with my clients that some get so stuck on autopilot that they don’t know how to reconnect to themselves to get those insights and inspiration.

From my journey of struggle and triumph, all the modalities I have trained in, and 20 years of data from working with clients, I designed an 8-week program to help people create and sustain a self-care program to help them achieve new heights, which includes The Emotion Code.

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Emotion Code Success Stories

Meet Jacinta

Ten years of counseling, and she found The Emotion Code left her feeling lighter, happier, and easier to move through her negative emotions.

Meet Emily

“Emotion Code changed my life!”

My troubled health journey began when I was about eleven years old. My healing journey started the day I had my first massage with Teresa. At the time, I had been suffering from chronic widespread pain and illness for 13 years. I had seen countless doctors, ranging in specialties from chiropractors, massage therapists, homeopathic, nutritionists, physical therapists, psychologists, and medical doctors of all types. They all helped manage my pain for a time; however, in some cases, made it worse. Anything I could think of to manage pain, fatigue, inflammation, depression, anxiety, trauma – I tried it. Or so I thought. That is when the Emotion Code came into my life by way of Teresa. When I first met Teresa, it was my first massage appointment. I shared that I had a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. I had been experiencing widespread pain for years and had tried various avenues for managing my illness, most recently moving to Arizona for the change in the climate. We then discussed a plan for me as to what she would work on based on our conversation, and I got on the massage table.

 As we continued talking, we clicked immediately. Shortly after beginning to work on me, Teresa was inclined to share that she felt like my pain may be emotional pain and explained that she felt that pain was on me. There was something different about my pain, and she could feel there was something deeper behind the physical pain. I remember being stunned and quickly replying with “Well, yes. You’re dead on. I already know this, but how do you? What do you mean you can feel it?” I remember thinking, “How could you possibly feel that? We just met?” She explained, and I began to open up.

Emily Bloom

The truth was that when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I was told that it generally begins from either a physical trigger or an emotional one. I was young when it started and had been doctoring for years. My family and I knew there was an emotional trigger that was the onset of my illness. Beyond that, everyone wanted to medicate, supplement, inject, do major surgery, or try the next new thing. Everyone had their theory as to how I should manage the symptoms I was experiencing. They all agreed there was no cure and that we needed to find the best way to manage the pain and other symptoms. Therapists helped me talk through all of the pain and suffering that I was experiencing along the way, and I was very grateful for those voices in my life. They were the voices that kept me alive when the journey became dark with little hope for a life without pain or a cure. 

Then another voice came into my life. It was Teresa’s as she immediately offered her professional opinion, her open-mindedness, her ideas, and a name for someone that did Emotion Code. She was mindful in her approach to provide me with another option. Although I had tried countless methods, both conventional and unconventional, there was something about that first meeting and Teresa’s intuition that left me feeling inspired and intrigued. In a place where I often felt skeptical about what the next person was going to recommend, I found the motivation to learn and take control of my health and healing instead. Teresa’s suggestion was an option I had never explored or considered.

I started by immediately reading the Emotion Code book by Dr. Bradley Nelson. I was fascinated by what I read and felt this was the right avenue to pursue. My first Emotion Code session changed everything for me. The many sessions that have followed have opened up a whole new path to healing for me. The dark cloud hanging over me has lifted, the emotional and physical pain has lessened, and true healing has been set in motion. I feel lighter, have more energy, and feel more worth all the while leaving behind the heavy pain that once weighed me down.

Surely there have been peaks and valleys in this healing journey, but mostly it has been a time of discovery, awareness, and immense growth. My life looks different, and my perspective is fresh, clear, more positive, and new. Although I have been working with another practitioner, Teresa has been alongside me encouraging me since day one as we learned more about Emotion Code together. Fast forward a few years to now, and you will find Teresa has started practicing Emotion Code herself. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to experience sessions with her, the woman who introduced me to Emotion Code in the first place. The woman who decided to trust her gut and share what she felt.

 It has become so clear to me that there is a direct link between the physical symptoms we experience and the emotional and mental causes behind them; a link between the trauma we go through and the physical illnesses that may follow. Emotion Code changed my life. It moved the needle toward healing, and I whole-heartedly believe anyone and everyone could stand to try it. The beautiful combination of massage and Emotion Code, that’s just something you’ll have to experience for yourself as the possibilities for healing are endless!

Meet April

I met Teresa a couple of years ago at a yoga retreat and began seeing her for massage. After getting to know me, she thought I would be a good candidate for Emotion Code work. I had been dealing with an autoimmune disease over the last twelve years, which was exacerbated by the stresses of raising eight children, about half of whom are adopted. I also had childhood traumas that have weighed heavily on me.

Over the last nine months, the Emotion Code has helped me to release trapped emotions from the past, as well as be able to cope with the day-to-day challenges and conflicts much more relaxed. I’ve noticed reduced inflammation in my body, and I’m more clear-headed than I had been. I hadn’t even realized that I’d been absorbing the emotions of others around me, and The Emotion Code helped me to release those as well. During this time, a particularly acute stress situation came up, but due to the work Teresa did with me, I was able to release it and have a different mindset. Even my kids have worked with Teresa, and it has benefitted them greatly.

Emotion Code is a straightforward process. Even if you only have, but a few minutes, your body can release a handful of trapped emotions it may be holding onto. I’ve enjoyed the benefits of it a lot more than talk therapy and saw an immediate difference in how I feel. Teresa is easy to work with, and I’m glad she shared this excellent technique with me.

Meet Amari

I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Teresa’s coaching program (Unplugged). It’s pushed me to pursue things that up until now I’ve really only thought about doing like learning how to do reiki. I have also learned a lot about myself throughout the entire process and really delved into my feelings, my desires and dreams as well as my needs. There were many key things throughout the course that helped me to recognize negative patterns and replace them with positive ones. I have to stress that learning to focus on myself and my needs in a healthy way has been monumental for me. 

I also can’t say enough about the emotion code and how much that has helped me. I feel like I have reached & released emotions that were so deep inside of me that I wasn’t even aware that they were there. I’m getting to the actual deep down core of what was causing my condition. As scary and painful (both mentally and physically) as that may be, I know that it’s necessary and I’m prepared to do the work. I know that this entered my life at this precise time because I was ready for it. It’s certainly not for the weak. It’s hard work yet it’s still easier than a lot of the things that I have tried. The sheer joy & lightness that I’ve felt after a session cannot be explained. If this is something you’re considering then there’s a reason and you should investigate that. I’m so grateful for this experience. I couldn’t have imagined results like this. 

Meet Cary

Cary Testimonial Pix

I’ve been doing Emotion Code (EC) work with Teresa since September of 2019. It has helped immensely as stressors have overwhelmed my system from time to time.

Yesterday was one of those times. I’ve been having a really hard time at work with a narcissistic, bullying, discriminatory boss, and efforts to elevate the situation have only made things worse for me. I’ve been experiencing a lot of anxiety and hopelessness about the situation, which I explained to Teresa yesterday during our EC call.

We released about 6 emotions related directly to that situation, causing such a physical and emotional release for me! Whereas before the call, I’d been feeling lethargic and withdrawn, I felt lighter and happier and definitely much more hopeful after the call.

It is not the first time I’ve had this experience with Teresa and EC – just the most recent. At times when I’ve truly felt things were too dark to move through, EC has parted the clouds and allowed the sunlight in. I know that EC is working, but it is because Teresa is very skilled, continually seeks to expand her knowledge base – even to research specific issues I’m having and is empathic. She really has helped me when other modalities have not. And not to say that CBT doesn’t work, but I have achieved more with Teresa in 12 months than I have in traditional talk therapy over 11 years.

If you’re on the fence about EC, I hope you will try it. It has been life-saving for me.

Getting Started Is Easy

Find a time that works with your schedule so we can talk.

What to learn more about the Emotion Code or about my 8-week program? Let’s talk.

My Approach

After 20 years of seeing negative patterns within myself and in my clients, I felt inspired to put together a formula, a method. Something that would help my clients work through their subconscious blocks to reconnect to themselves at the CORE. Laying the groundwork of creating sustainable change and designing the life they desire! The formula, my antidote, “The Porter Method,” which includes emotional release techniques, movement, and inner work. The Porter Method is what I use in my 8-week Unplugged Program.

E-Motion 2.0

Imagine a world where the trapped emotions, fears, anxieties and unprocessed life experiences we hold in our bodies are the source of everything that ails us. That’s the world we live in. Now imagine a world where everyone is manifesting from their heart the perfect creation that’s inside each of us.

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