Elevate Your Workplace with Enhanced Well-being and Productivity

Discover practices and tools that transform your workplace dynamics for your whole team in-person or virtually!

Yes, my company needs this! 

Are you tired of the same old routine?

The occasional workshop or lecture may provide a temporary boost, but real change requires consistent investment in your team’s well-being. 

Imagine dedicating just 60 minutes each week or bi-weekly to revolutionize your work environment.

Do any of these challenges resonate with your staff?

➤ Overwhelm

➤ Anxiety

➤ Mental & Physical Stress

➤ Lack of Focus

➤ Low Productivity

➤ Low Energy

➤ Lack of Camaraderie

It's time to envision a workplace where:

 ✓ Energy levels are boosted

 ✓ Anxiety and stress are alleviated

 ✓ Flexibility and muscle tone are enhanced 

✓ Aches and pains are relieved 

✓ Minds are calmer, fostering creativity and inspiration

City View High School staff with Sirrine Yoga in the park practicing mindfulness Yoga.

Imagine introducing these benefits while skyrocketing workplace productivity. Picture your team tackling challenges as a cohesive unit, equipped with clear-headed problem-solving skills. 

Envision genuinely listening to each other, fostering deeper understanding.

As your employees feel better, their focus sharpens, and productivity soars. Experience renewed energy throughout the day, creating a vibrant work atmosphere.

By engaging in shared practices and exercises, you’ll realize that despite our differences, we’re all connected by common challenges and pursuit of solutions. 

These transformative sessions will even impact your interactions at home, benefiting your relationships with your loved ones.

Banner Desert ER staff with Sirrine Yoga in the park practicing mindfulness Yoga.

Girls Scouts of Arizona Cactus Pine Council

Let’s explore how my transformative practices can enhance your workplace and unlock the untapped potential within your organization.

Girls Scouts of Arizona staff with Sirrine Yoga in the classroom learing about mindfulness Yoga.

Girls Scouts of Arizona Cactus Pine Council working hybrid-virtual and in-person

Our Amazing Client’s Enjoying Classes

Some of Our Amazing Client’s

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Mesa High Football Team
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Australian Hip Hop Crew

The Visionary Behind Sirrine Yoga

Hi there, I’m Teresa Porter, Owner and CEO of Sirrine Yoga. My journey through running a successful massage practice for 24 years and teaching yoga since 2005 has fueled my passion for helping others shed the burdens of trauma and stress. This passion led me to create the Sirrine Yoga Mindfulness and Yoga Program for corporations and organizations.

It allows me to reach individuals who may have never experienced yoga or mindfulness practices, felt comfortable, or have the means to attend a traditional studio or gym class.

Sirrine Yoga’s Mindfulness Yoga Program benefits both the organization and individuals by promoting physical and mental well-being, reducing stress, and enhancing creativity and inspiration. This holistic approach promotes a healthier, happier, and more engaged workforce.

Teresa Porter, Owner of Sirrine Yoga

Here’s what you can expect when you sign your company up for the Program:

  • Tailored weekly or bi-weekly classes
  • Flexible session options for In-person, Virtual, and Hybrid
  • Easy mindfulness concepts for implementation
  • Yoga poses for all levels
  • Bonuses: follow-up emails, reference documents, and online resources

I offer monthly or quarterly reviews to meet your company’s needs. Program pricing is tailored to your group’s requirements and will be discussed during our Discovery call. 

Ready to foster camaraderie and well-being in your workplace?

Client Experiences

Zion Institute - Shawn Pearson’s

Dominique's Testimonial

Featured In:

Teresa’s love and dedication to the craft makes her a maverick in the industry. She’s been on ABC15, Sonoran Living Live, iHeart radio, MIX 96.9, the Arizona Republic podcast, the international best-selling author, and several other platforms, spotlighting her skills and expertise. Her diverse clientele, including NFL athletes, corporate executives, teams, and more, is a testament to the life-changing impact of her work!

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