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Stop living a pattern. Live your life instead.

Break free from the same negative patterns of shame, fear, and unworthiness. Learn tools to find your inner voice and feel fully aligned so that you can rewrite your own prescription for life!

Leave a legacy of which you can be proud.

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My journey through life has been a roller coaster. I have struggled with chronic pain, self-doubt, confidence, depression, anxiety, anger, motivation, worthiness, marital issues, family members with addictions, and giving so much to others. I have been so exhausted on all levels that I have questioned who I am and what I enjoyed in my life.

I have asked myself after taking some hard blows, “how am I supposed to get back up and try again with any motivation to keep working on my relationships and goals and find joy and excitement for life again?”


Explore Teresa’s appearances and testimonials from her diverse clientele, including NFL athletes and corporate executives.


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