“In my videos you will see students of different body types, age, gender, and ability levels to show that yoga is for every BODY. Some of my students were very apprehensive at first to participate in the videos, but they quickly began sharing my vision that this style of yoga is truly designed for every body and lifestyle no matter what size, shape, age, or level of fitness. Thank you to all my students who were generous with their time, sharing their ideas, feedback, and support to help bring my vision to light!”

- Teresa RYT, LMT

Meet Some Of Our Students

I’m Melba, a 43 year old Mom/Entrepreneur and Massage Therapist (MT).  I love to enjoy life to the fullest and all this beautiful world has to offer in the way of experiences for growth and enlightenment.

I’ve practiced yoga or variations thereof (e.g. pilates) intermittently for most of my adult life.  As a former track sprinter and coach, it’s the best form of stretching (to purposely elongate) all muscles shortened through intense training.

As a bodyworker/MT, repetitive movements throughout ones day/week will take a toll on the body.  As Teresa understands this, her stretching techniques pair very well in undoing the distortions created as an MT.  I appreciate that her yoga sessions are viewable online as we’re in opposite ends of the valley and because all yoga instruction isn’t the same.  When it works, it works.  And Teresa’s techniques work!!!!


As a native to Arizona I have always loved outdoor activities in the many unique and beautiful natural environments Arizona has to offer.  My enjoyment of the outdoors led me to a career in wildlife biology which allows me to explore nature throughout the southwest. When I am not working I enjoy a random conglomeration of hobbies including running, hiking, lifting, yoga, cooking, knitting and restoring vintage Schwinn bikes, but not necessarily in that order.

After sustaining a knee injury about 7 years ago, a friend recommended that I try yoga while recovering. Since then I have tried several different styles of yoga at various studios throughout the valley, but it was not until I met Teresa about 4 years ago that I found a style which was physically challenging but left my body feeling restored. I have a very physically demanding job and enjoy running, hiking, cycling and lifting when I am not at work, but rarely make time to stretch. Incorporating Teresa’s unique style of yoga into my fitness regimen has improved my flexibility, helped me reach my fitness goals and taught me how to help my body recover.


My name is Dominique and I moved to Arizona in June of 2013.  I work long (sometimes crazy) hours as a case manager for the state of Arizona, so Sirrine Yoga is a peaceful addition to my lifestyle. I am also busy starting a Non-Profit organization called ‘Never Too Young’ back in my hometown of Maryland. I often volunteer with Hashtag Lunchbag and attend various art events. As if that isn’t enough, I craft (painting, making waistbands, and more) during my rare spare time. My life can get so overwhelmingly hectic that I need balance, and I have found that in laughing, loving, exercising, and yoga.  I first did yoga 5 years ago in my introductory class in college. Since I graduated in May 2013 it was hard to find a good yoga class that would fit into my schedule. I am so excited for the launch of Teresa’s online videos–they’re great for experienced yogi’s as well as beginners wanting to learn yoga basics! What’s even more exciting is that Teresa asked me to be in them! In my experience working directly with her, I have had the opportunity to observe single handedly how great of an instructor she is. She truly cares about how you’re aligned you’re able to get the maximum benefit and not injure yourself while having fun!

As the owner of a pain management clinic, I was looking for a yoga instructor to help my patients find relief and rehabilitate themselves.  I also needed help as I had suffered a vertebral compression fracture which resulted in a very stooped and round shouldered posture. I started with Teresa in December of 2012, I have since become much stronger, more flexible, and have regained my military posture. Unlike other instructors Teresa is able to break down a posture and work with you to achieve the proper form using props or modifications to help you get there. Yoga helps me maintain my compassion for my patients while improving my focus.

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I am an Arizona native with a passion in technology.  I’ve been working as a software engineer for five years.  Computer programming, coding, and development have been a passion of mine for more than 10 years.  I turned my passion and growing interests in technology into a successful and fulfilling career.  I embrace challenges which continue to drive me towards setting professional goals for my future.  Creativity allows me to pursue interests in home improvement projects.  I enjoy developing Arduino creations during my spare time. My beautiful wife and I have been married for about a year and a half.  I’m a new father to an amazing 7-month old little girl who has captured both mine and my wife’s entire world. 

I began taking yoga classes with Teresa in 2007. While I have tried other yoga classes and instructors, I found that Teresa’s style truly stands above the rest. Teresa creates an atmosphere that encourages a connection of the mind and body. I, like most people today with busy and on-the-go lives, found it sometimes difficult to focus on being present and turning my mind off to all other outside thoughts. But Teresa’s yoga instruction helps me to focus on being present and use my breathing to do so. Teresa emphasizes form and function of the yoga poses and flows, which helps my body to reap the benefits of yoga. As I began learning yoga, this emphasis on proper form drew me back to Teresa’s classes.

For me, yoga has also been life-changing in an unconventional way. During one of the yoga hike retreats that Teresa hosted a few years ago, I met my wife. Together, both my wife and I have enjoyed learning yoga from Teresa.


Yoga is truly for every BODY and can enhance any lifestyle! Meet my dear friend, Marilyn. She is 65 years old, RN retired 5 years from clinical nursing, but active for last 10+ years in energy work, holistic and emotional health practice. She has six grown children and four grandchildren ages 2-11. She stays very busy with them chauffeuring, cooking, playing, climbing LOTS of stairs! She also travel frequently, negotiating airports and airplanes – “I couldn’t do it without the right exercise!” Yoga doesn’t have to be intimidating and you can see significant improvements in your life with only implementing it into your schedule 2-3xs a week for 5-15 minutes a day!

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Challenging Dad

I challenged my own father to improve his life through yoga, and he’s hooked! Not only have his health issues declined, but he’s feeling younger and more alive than ever.

Now meet James Dore’, a recording artist, father, and teacher.

He recently turned fifty and had never done yoga before. He is a singer, choreographer, songwriter and TV host. He has been performing music, appeared in billboard ads, fitness commercials, and fashion shows. James has always known yoga was good for him but was never willing to give it a chance. James accepted the “30 Day Challenge for Men” and we have agreed to document his journey from Day 1 to Day 31. To learn more about James and to hear his music go to www.jamesdoreworld.com

Meet one of my old clients and students, Bryant Fought.

I knew him when I worked at L.A. Fitness in 2010. He was one of the GM’s and was training for his 1st physique show and decided after some convincing to add yoga to cross train. Fast forward to 2016, he now lives in a different state, is engaged and has two kids. He decided to get back into shape and train for another show, which meant he needed yoga again! He did his 1st show May 22, 2017, since 2012 and he placed 1st & Overall. Goes to show that you can do anything you put your mind to. Glad that yoga helped him in the process!

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