Yoga 101

What is Yoga?

Yoga was born in India, several 1,000 years ago and has changed and evolved over the years.

For some people they know it is a trendy thing to do, for others they have been doing it for years and it a deep rooted practice, or a religious practice.

For me it has become many things over the years. I started doing yoga in 99 for one reason to help relief upper body tension from starting my massage career and to help with my back problems after having my 1st daughter. Yoga have definitely evolved for me and become so much more then I have ever imagined.

The main areas of fitness include strength endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination. Without all five it is virtually impossible to be in perfect shape. Yoga is one of the only exercises that combine all five into one workout.

Men usually have strength and endurance, but lack in flexibility and balance and coordination. Women typically have better flexibility and balance, but lack strength and endurance. Yoga allows everybody the opportunity to engage in all 5 key components of fitness.

Yoga is not a replacement for what you already love to do, but it can only enhance your overall well being.

If you’re body builder it will make you stronger, if you’re a runner it will make you faster, if you’re a basketball player it help with your balance and coordination, it you set at a desk all day it will help with your posture. With any of these sports it will also help prevent injuries and create more balance in your life.

Everyone has to start somewhere. It is rare that you try something for the first time and achieve master status. Yoga is what you make it. It is a matter of deciding what it is you want to take away from practicing yoga and making it work for you and the life style you want to LIVE!

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