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As the owner of a pain management clinic, I was looking for a yoga instructor to help my patients find relief and rehabilitate themselves.  I also needed help as I had suffered a vertebral compression fracture which resulted in a very stooped and round shouldered posture. I started with Teresa in December of 2012, I have since become much stronger, more flexible, and have regained my military posture. Unlike other instructors Teresa is able to break down a posture and work with you to achieve the proper form using props or modifications to help you get there. Yoga helps me maintain my compassion for my patients while improving my focus.

Klee, MD.

I decided to try yoga classes back in 2010, but then quit, as it didn’t seem to “do anything”.  I decided to give yoga one more try when I had an injury and needed to do something that was more low impact, and luckily for me, that’s when I found Teresa.  After taking Teresa’s classes, I realized that part of what I hadn’t liked when I took yoga the first time was that the previous instructor really wasn’t teaching yoga at all. Teresa never wavers from the core principles that guide her teaching, and she always focuses on the importance of alignment. She is very skilled at breaking down poses so you can master them. Her in- depth knowledge of the physiology of the body can guide you through alternative poses if you have an injury or a limitation.  I have become more flexible, more toned, stronger in my core, and have better posture and balance. Teresa is also someone who truly “walks the walk” when it comes to being passionate about what she does, and about wanting to instill that drive in her students as well, and it shows in everything she does.  Among other things, yoga has taught me to be more patient … not only with myself when I am being challenged by a pose on my yoga mat, but also in my life.


As a mother of 4, we are a busy family and I put me on the back burner sometimes. I have taken yoga before, but never have I had an instructor modify my positioning to get the full benefits.  I started doing yoga with Teresa in October of 2013 and I was so impressed after my 1st class, I signed up with her studio. Teresa has an outstanding understanding of the body and alignment. My physical well-being has improved tremendously and she has helped me become centered in my every day life to deal with the ups and downs that come with it. I am indebted to Teresa and her dedication to making me a better me.