Why Sirrine Yoga?

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Why us?

Combining my love for yoga, outdoors, people, and helping better their lives in a simple & fun way.

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I wanted to combine my love for yoga, outdoors, people, and helping better their lives in a simple & fun way. I saw and heard the need for easy, short yoga videos on-line for the average person on a beginner to intermediate levels. With my love of being outdoors and always wanting to change it up I decided to pick some local attraction that I love. I am a native to Arizona and didn’t realize how many beautiful areas there are right around me when I started hiking with my yoga students in 2009. This is when I discovered the amazing combination of hiking & yoga.

Since I started teaching in 2004, I have come to learn how beneficial yoga can be if done correctly for all lifestyles. But at the same time I have also seen how intimidating and scary yoga can be for the average person. The average person that may be interested are afraid of coming into a classroom setting and not knowing what to do or they are brave to come try a class and then they leave the class feeling completely frustrated because they weren’t given the correct, basic understanding of yoga with alignment and how to come into a pose from a beginner level. They feel like they have to come into a class already know something because the teacher doesn’t breakdown the each of the poses to make sense to a beginner. I have heard over and over that yoga there are very few teachers that really break down the poses and go over why alignment is so important.

Ever since I was little I was the girl who always asked why if I didn’t understand something I was learning. Yes, I was that girl who was raising her hand again to ask another question of why this works this way and why I should be doing this with that….I am also a very hands on, visual learner and that is how I retain new information I am learning. I decided to be trained in Iygner yoga, which is alignment based, because of my massage therapy background. When you incorporate different loops and spirlas like thigh, tailbone, shoulder loop, which are the 1st three ones I teach to a new student, it helps to retrain the memory of the muscle to have better alignment and posture which in turn will help alleviate or lessen muscle tension. This made complete sense to me of how yoga should be practiced and how therapeutic it could be.
I love trying new activities, meeting new people, traveling, always changing my hair styles, trying new foods. I get bored of the same routine so I bring this aspect into the way I teach. My students know I always keep the basics of how I teach, but at the same time I am always creating new sequences, new & fun ways of how to use props, new music, and always try to have fun with yoga and don’t have to be so serious and hard on ourselves. With my years of experience of teaching in different settings, working with all different body types, ages, male and female students, and blending my why and hands on way I learn, is how I have came up with Sirrine Yoga. It is the principles of alignment (engaging the different muscle groups while in a pose), with exactness of breath with holding a pose and moving into the next pose, with imagery is how you get the best results. I always tell my students you will feel awkward and uncomfortable the first several times you do yoga. You are learning to move your body and a new, different way. The number one excuse I hear from people of why they don’t do yoga is they aren’t flexible enough. You don’t come into yoga being flexible, strong, and coordinated. Like with anything in life you have to start somewhere and build upon that. I also tell my students not to compare and compete with their neighbor next to them. You don’t know their story of how they got to where they are at. You have to learn to accept where you are in your life before you can progress and move forward.

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